As teaching experience for foreign students who are from Singapore and Timor-Leste, Cakra Nusantara aviation vocational school conducts International Class. The international Class is conducted to educate foreign students. We also collaborate with Timor-Leste ministry. Besides, Cakra Nusantara aviation vocational school gets the request by China to train Chinese students in Bali as the result Cakra Nusantara Aviation Vocational students obtain international intercommunication.

International Class is a class program that uses the language of instruction in English. The learning activities are of course different in class from regular classes in general. International class has several advantages that are useful for students. Here are some reasons that encourage students to take international classes:

  1. Organized by the Cakra Nusantara Aviation Vocational School and Accredited A, Certified Manager of National Professional Certification Bodies so that its competence is maintained and updated
  2. Experienced in producing alumni with 84% of the first batch of National Exam scores and 97% of the second batch of National Exam scores above the average score of the Bali Province National Exam
  3. There is English matriculation for new students
  4. Practice English language skills in the classroom

The name is international class, the language of instruction used by the lecturer when teaching is definitely English. Hence, before being accepted into the international class, participants must first be tested for their language skills. The prerequisite is that you have to have a TOEFL score of at least 500. This ability will be very useful in the future, especially for those of you who want to study abroad. Your English language skills are definitely not in doubt.

Learning is more interactive
In international schools you are given space to speak to express your thoughts. Teachers do not only lecture alone, but also interact both ways with students.

Adjust the international curriculum
By entering the international class, you will feel the curriculum which will be equivalent to the international curriculum. So after graduating from the international class, students will be familiar with both international and national curricula.


Cakra Nusantara aviation vocational school has conducted other international program

There are the schoolarship at Cheynair pilot school in Filiphine, visiting Singapore airshow and compency enrichment at malaysia airport training center. Nowadays, we are going to conduct students exchange and edutour in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, malaysia, Germany, france and china with foreign schools.

Experience Personal Growth, Indulge in cross cultural communication such as:

  • Travel
  • Make friend around the world
  • Expand your mindset
  • Learn the language
  • Get to know the culture first-hand